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The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2

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Get ready for a new adventure! The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2 is a fun action-arcade game in which your main objective is to collect fruits that will appear throughout the stage. You will also have to avoid getting hit...

Wolvenire and the X-man Search and Destroy

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Wolvenire and the X-man Search & Destroy: Wolverine almost got Magneto, but he is always one step ahead. You are on his tail, but there are so many robots around that guard Magneto. Use your sharp claws to destroy the...

Toffees Arkanoid

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Toffees Arkanoid is based on the popular Arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse . Your target is to remove all bricks. The speed of the ball is decided ...

Christmas Thief

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Press and hold the left mouse button to setup the power for your jump, then release it to jump! Jump from one chimney to another and steal as many Christmas gifts as you can! Submit your score at the end of the game t...

Bloom Defender

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Bloom Defender As you know our mother nature can take different shapes, this time it is a huge beautiful tree. It is the source of any kind of energy, which accompanies creation of kind spirits of nature which due to...

Rescue Brigade

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Rescue Brigade - Great game where you play as firemen's brigade whose mission is to rescue people in deadly danger! Your task will be to save people falling from high buildings in fire! People in danger can't wait. Yo...

Faster than Zombies

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Faster than Zombies Are you a good runner? So, let us check it! Here you are going to play as Aiden or Jackie who can save the world and avoid all the zombies here. You must run as fast as possible and jump over many...

Epic Celeb Brawl Spiderman

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Epic Celeb Brawl Spiderman : Are you ready for an Epic Celebrity Brawl Fight the most popular celebrities, singers, actors and A list celebs. This is no ordinary boxing game, this is a true street style fighting brawl...


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Lynxman is an on-line platform running arcade game. Make our little purple head superhero travel his journey to the end. The objective of the game is very simple. All you have to do is run, jump or double jump over ob...

Push Ur Hero

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Attention, my friend! Tiny orange alien wants to get back home. It is stuck on Earth and you have to become his new friend here to save his life. You have to use Earth invention (such as spring), which to push it to i...

Solidrider 2

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Solid Rider 2: This is a real contest for real motorbike racers! Drive your bike along obstacle courses and try not to crash. Collect bonuses and upgrades on your way to drive faster. Remember that the time is limited...

Minion Golf

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Minion Golf : Since Gru gave up with a supervillain's life, his minions left the lab gladly and now they're entertaining as they can. For example, these decided to combine dinner and sport - eat some sweets and play g...

Fast Minion

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Fast Minion: Control the minion and help him to collect so much money and coins as possible. Do not forget about bonuses and avoid all obstacles on the way. You will move in the really strange dungeon that is full of ...

Quest For Milkshake

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Quest For Milkshake In this Sesame street tribute game you'll help Snuckers, the green furry monster, to make a coconut milkshake for his favorite customer.

Raze 3

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Raze III A terrible space war lasts already 17 years. The planet Earth is already uninhabited. Well, almost uninhabited. Deep under the ground there is a secret laboratory. Hundreds of best scientists have been worki...

Sushi Showdown

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Sushi Showdown Wow! You have a wonderful chance to be the real warrior and fight against many enemies! It is not so easy, as it seems at first. That is why, just use the arrow keys to move and shoot if you need to pa...


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BubbleBoy You must control the little bubble boy and lead him to his goal. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then this is your chance to do it! Use the arrow keys to move and you will really like it. Is everythi...

The cake is a lie!

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What starts as a normal jump&run turns into an unfair platformer pretty fast with a lot of different gameplay mechanics.Use "M" to mute/unmute the music at any timeUse "Escape" to go back to the main menu at any time!


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Here you must use your quite strange weapon and move using it! Well, it sounds strange? Then just do not waste your precious time and start the game right now. Are you ready for that? Then take your gun and go ahead! ...

Over The Bridge

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Over The Bridge is simple to play - press and hold the left mouse button anywhere on screen to start building the bridge and release it to stop building the bridge! Try to get as far as possible and watch out for incr...


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Use all the skills of yours and control these two cute monsters! They are really hungry and you must do everything to feed them. But they should not meet each other! No way! So, click the mouse and show them the corre...

Wild West Run

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Are you a good runner? Well, we wanna to check it! So, if there are no other way to the win, then just run! And shoot. There are so many obstacles, just slide or jump it over and be really quick here. Use all your ski...

Magic Carrot 3

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This rabbit is back and on the move again! Help him escape the aliens that have taken him and his girlfriend into space. He must make his way through each room on the ship and survive.


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How to play: The game is very simple to play - press and hold the left mouse button to aim and release to jump! Collect all the pinks balls as fast as possible!


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Play Crazycle Game: Pick a rider and hit the road. In this game you get to do sick tricks on the ground and in the air to earn nitro and upgrades. Each level has multiple missions to complete. Win prize money to upgra...

Cut The RopeMonkey GO Happy Ninjas 2

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Monkey Go Happy Ninjas 2 is an online puzzle game which you can play for free here at atozonlinegames Are you ready to test your ninja skills one more and find all 70 mini ninjas to make the Monkey GO Happy?

The Big Escape

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Game Description: The Big Escape: Help Alex to escape from a dangerous planet, full of traps and obstacles. Use the force of gravity as your ally, because Alex does not have the ability t jump. Complete all levels of...

Pixel Quest

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Pixel Quest is a side-scrolling action puzzle with beautiful retro graphics and a great series of challenges. Rex, the main character, is a skilled and athletic adventurer deep in the jungle. Dash under falling spikes...

Chubby Marvels

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The chubby little marvels watched tv and devoured snacks. The call to the rescue made them steal the show and take action. They run and use their fart skills to fly. Collect coins, avoid obstacles and reach the best ...


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Use rapidly rotating rotor of copter and strong chain to help rescue car to reach the destination. Provide a freeway from point A to point B to save the lives. There are complex obstacles, tortuous routes, pressing sp...

Casino Cake Slots Game

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SL Cake Slots Game - Spinning Reels, Random Lighted Holds.Match 3 Cakes or Doughnuts across the Middle Line to Win. Funky Awesome Soundtrack.Strawberry and Blueberry Cakes = 275 Coins.Doughnuts = 1000 Bonus Coins.Bonu...