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Saving Little Alien

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Somewhere at a certain planet, little aliens was living there. They live peacefully before evil aliens invade and keep trying to exterminate them. In their attempt to survive, little aliens activate the magic pen to p...

Star Cars

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Star Cars Star Cars: Welcome to the Star Cars contest. You will fight with other racers for fame and glory. Race through four different planets, try to defeat four different bosses. Upgrade damage, handling, armor, a...


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The native people on the remote island are fighting the evil aliens to stop them from taking over.

Push Up Hero

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Description Help small alien to get to the ship, which will help it to get to its planet. Use your mouse to control spring, which will push it to its troop ship. Instructions Attention, my friend! Tiny orange ali...

Pig Nukem

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You're a simple country pig called upon to nuke some nasty aliens!

The Big Escape

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Game Description: The Big Escape: Help Alex to escape from a dangerous planet, full of traps and obstacles. Use the force of gravity as your ally, because Alex does not have the ability t jump. Complete all levels of...

Planet Journey

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Your space ship has entered alien space. All the aliens out there are eager to catch you if you alter from your path. They are also releasing projectile stones to hit you. Avoid hitting the aliens or their projectiles...

The Friends Escape2

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This is a game that you can play together or alone, operating two aliens you have to solve the puzzle of the level and reach the exit.rn- 24 interesting levels.rn- The ability to play one or two people.rn- Excellent l...