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Ninja Diamond Adventure

1.62K Played0 Comments

Hay! Friends your favorite Ninja is back and he is on a Adventure journey and need your help Twist and turn the platforms to guide the Ninja Pick the Diamond, But be aware there are many obstacles and other traps avoi...

Jump Ninja Jump

1.07K Played0 Comments

jump Ninja Jump: Ninja is back in this great Adventure Ninja Jumping Game. There are 15 unique and interesting levels. You can play any unlocked level. Complete a level to unlock next level. In Each level you will h...

Ninja Salvager

1.17K Played0 Comments

Description Save your queens from the cages as you use your ninja skills to move around each level. Unlock the exit, avoid deadly objects and then sneak out of each level without causing harm to yourself. Very fun ...

Ninja Bear

1.23K Played0 Comments

Join Ninja Bear and Purple Teddy in their fight against the evil monsters. Can you complete all 44 levels in time for Purple Teddy to get back and play Skyrim?Mouse to aim and fire Click (or press space) to shoot S ...

Ninja Gravity Hacked

1.03K Played0 Comments

All Levels Unlocked and Unlimited Weapons. Game Information The little ninja is trapped inside a tomb. There are monsters and undeads inside the tomb and they will attacks any living thing they see. Use the forc...

Ninja Gravity Adventure

2.09K Played0 Comments

Ninja Gravity Adventure: Ninja is back in gravity new adventure world to cross the challenging levels in order to collect the Gold Coin, but watch out for the Enemies on the way and reach the Exit point. Good Luck! ...

Ninja Super Adventure

3.74K Played0 Comments

Ninja is back in new adventure world to cross the challenging levels in order to collect All Coins, Time your jumps wisely to avoid falling between the platforms and watch out for the hurdles Spikes on the way and col...

Ninja Zombie Shooter

1.16K Played0 Comments

Ninja Zombie Shooter is an interesting and addictive game for everyone. In this game your task is to hit all the Zombies by slingshot with Ninja. Each and every hit your score will increase on your score board. You ha...

Sticky Ninja Missions

1.14K Played0 Comments

Sticky Ninja missions in ninja has completed his basics training and must now pay off his student deebts as a Bunty hunter cleaning up the stiicky city strets.

Samurai Fruit

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Samurai fruit

Ninja or Nun

1.08K Played0 Comments

Worshiping woman r fierce fighter ? You have only seconds to decide. Click on the ninjas [but not the nuns] in the crowd before time is up!

Ninja Rinse

1.41K Played0 Comments

Ninja Rinse: Free u r love from the hands of  Yakuza   typical Ninja-style ! Left/Right arrow = Move Up arrow = Jump against walls to run up them. S = Attack Down arrow = Duck [hide in bushes]

Nitro Ninjas

1.18K Played0 Comments

Nitro Ninjas Race through an jungle with your katana in hand Up/Down = Accelerate/Reverse Left/Right = Lean Back/Forward Space = Jump 1-4 = Special Stunts Race

Ninja Plus

1.31K Played0 Comments

For a ninja, a wall is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity… Mouse = Aim & Shoot A/D = Left/Right W = Jump Space = Throw Dagger Collect all coins to complete a level. Click to throw the grappling hook and...

Ninja Painter

1.25K Played0 Comments

Ninja Painter Trade in u r nunchuck  for a roller and a buckets of paint Mouse/Arrows = Move Grab the paint, roll it on the marked walls, collect the bonus stars, and get to the exit to complete all levels.

Ninja Miner

1.40K Played0 Comments

Ninja Miner Use u r supernaturally quick ninjas skills to hunt down precious gems.

Ninja Master

1.20K Played0 Comments

This Ninja Master ninja is on warpath, and u don not  want to get in his way… Arrows = Move A,S = Attack D = Defend W = Secondary Weapon 1,2,3 = Use Items Win battles for experience money and points . Buy ...

Ninja Ice Chop

973 Played0 Comments

Ninja Ice Chop Brrrr! It's an cold ice  training day in ninjas land, but this will  toughen u up alright! Press Spacebar to gain power for your blow. Lets go at the exact moment the ice block passes to smash it to ...

Ninja Roller

985 Played0 Comments

Ninja Roller is very fun and skill game.  you can help this Ninja find the path to the bonus stars draw a line with your mouse for the rolling Ninja to follow to help ninja collect all of the bonus stars in each le...