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Zombie Super Race

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Zombie Super Race : Zombies wild ride in the desert at the wheels of this Super cars maintain your balance until the Finish the level Your goal is to get to the finish line as fast as possible while going through chal...

Zombies Super Race

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Zombies Super Race : Its Zombie Time.Choose one of 3 Zombies and Race against your zombie opponents and beat them. Ride your bike as fast as you can Use nitro to speed up and finish the level in first place have fun! ...

Ben10 Zombies Smasher

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Ben10 zombies Smasher : Ben10 is back, Now this time he is killing zombies, Smash the given number of zombies in each level and unlock other exciting levels and achievements. Use Arrow Keys to Play, P = Pause, Sp...

Balloons vs Zombies 4

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Use balloons, bats, grenades and knives ammo wisely in order to kill all zombies, but also to save the ones who are still alive. To earn a star you must shoot the star from the zombies head. Use your mouse to aim and ...

Batman Zombie Smasher

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Batman Zombie Smasher: Batman is back. Batman is all set to drift his car in seven Amazing Tracks, Now this time he is killing zombies and unlock new cars, Make sure you drift and squish the given number of zombies in...

The Hamster Adventure

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The Hamster Adventure is a Adventure physic-based bow and arrow game. Your mission in the game is to kill all the Zombies with dynamites, Guns and bow and arrow. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Try to finish all levels...

Faster than Zombies

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Faster than Zombies Are you a good runner? So, let us check it! Here you are going to play as Aiden or Jackie who can save the world and avoid all the zombies here. You must run as fast as possible and jump over many...

Pumpkinhead Jump

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Do you know how to jump? Then hurry up and help this pumpkin jump as better as possible and do not fall! Do not forget to pick a lot of sweets and chocolates. Halloween is coming! Good luck to you. Enjoy this cool gam...

Anti Zombie Bunker

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The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived. But you are prepared and have built a bunker to protect yourself! In Anti Zombie Bunker you have to use your deadly defense weapons and the available upgrades to your bunker ...

Zombie Fever

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Zombie Fever Here your main goal is to kill... guess who? Yeah! A lot of zombies! Just imagine that you are alone here and you have a cool cannon. So, if there is no more other things to do, then clean our world from...

Toxic Town

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Toxic Town This time you will have to play as a real Toxic Boy and take the weapon and shoot! Use all the tips and try to stay alive here. So, if you are brave enough, then control your character and just beware of a...

Boom Go The Zombies

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Boom Go The Zombies : Boom Go The Zombies is a Puzzle game on GaHe.Com. You can play Boom Go The Zombies in your browser for free. In this game you make the zombies go boom! 40 levels of clever puzzle action that will...

Flippin Dead

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Experience Zombies rainbows and bloodbaths all in one game from the creators of Burrito Bison.Use Arrow keys to play and X to break the box.

Loot Heroes 2

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The loot heroes are back. And again they are on the risky mission to hell to loot the chests of the devil. Lump a team together and enter the chamber. Your mission in Loot Heroes 2 is to defeat all enemies as ...

Zombies Want My Bike

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Zombies Want My Bike: Seems Zombies Want My Bike! After minding your own busy cleaning your much loved motorbike in the garage, seems there's been some crazy zombie outbreak? Don't let them need your set of wheels wit...

Zombies vs Nora

765 Played0 Comments

Zombies vs Nora This is our last hope... There are so many zombies again and you must do something in order to stay alive and kill all the zombies here. Watch out! They are coming and they are so dangerous. Just use ...


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You survived after a terrible zombie holocaust. A lot of zombies are everywhere and they want to kill you. You have to do everything you can to survive. Lance at evil zombies your arms them survive the deadly waves. A...

Bang The Zombies

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Game Description: Bang the zombies a tower breaker game… Kill all the zombies which are placed on the tower.. Zombies captured your treasures, so kill the zombies and take all the treasure. Use Mouse To Play

State of Zombies 2

1.35K Played0 Comments

2d Zombie Shooter Cartoon graphic 6 locations 20 weapons talents system Upgrade your character by killing zombies, and try to reach a rescue helicopter. The choice of 4 characters, choose who is more like it....

Ninja Zombie Shooter

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Ninja Zombie Shooter is an interesting and addictive game for everyone. In this game your task is to hit all the Zombies by slingshot with Ninja. Each and every hit your score will increase on your score board. You ha...

Super Zombie Smasher

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Super Zombie Smasher is a funny physic-based bow and arrow game. Your mission in the game is to kill all the Zombies with bow and arrow. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Try to finish all levels and earn 3 Stars! Aim an...

Back to Zombieland

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Annoying humans want to destroy you. No like! Run, jump and leave traps to escape the angreh mortals. Stomp rats and grab coins to purchase those delightful powerups. Keep your dead self safe and make life increasingl...

Zombie Demolisher 2

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Zombie Demolisher 2: He returned the Zombie Demoilisher in the second part !! Demolish structures and kill their undead occupants with wrecking balls! Place a wrecking ball on either side of the structure and release ...

Road Of Fury Action

4.18K Played0 Comments

The road is dangerous...can you survive? This is an action shooter game where you get to shoot down the enemies air and ground attacks. Survive as long as you can and earn points. Spend those points to upgrade and mak...

N Y Rex

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Attention fellow gamers. The long awaited sequel to LA Rex is finally here! NY Rex welcomes back the most dangerous city smashing, people eating, car crushing dinosaur any man has ever seen. This fierce t-rex was capt...


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The zombies are invading! Quickly safe the innocent people before they are bitten and turn into zombies too. Collect items, blast your guns and smash zombies heads in with other brutal tools. Safe the lifes of your pe...

Hungry Zombie Rampage

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Play and be the zombie, walking through the city infecting all the humans you find. The more brains you eat, the more points you'll get, but if you hit any obstacle the game will be over. Use your mouse.

Zombie Rumble

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Killing zombies is the mission of this post-apocalyptic action game. With excellent graphics and a thrash metal soundtrack perfect for annihilating zombies, this game will get your blood racing. Play Zombie Rumble ...

Zombies Soccer

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Ultimate Zombies Soccer game. Zombies can play football, its very simply aim with the mouse and click left mouse click to kick the football( here football means skull):(:-) complete the 28 challenging levels and see i...

Zombo Buster

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Zombo Buster

Shotgun VS Zombies

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Excellent  action game 'Shotgun VS Zombies' is fairly straightforward Run around, kill all the undeadZombies and buy upgrades in the shop.

Bounzy Halloween

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Kill zombies in all levels. They are not only Halloween  zombies but big animals  and monster  as well. In order to kill all them you need to destroy some objects as well.

Zombie Golf

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ZombieGolf is brilliant new Zombie Sports game! Make the greens run red with the blood of zombies in this game Pick your club, and unleash hell on the undead!

Zombies Dead Land

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Play and enjoy this Zombies Dead Land Game. In a dark forest, a group of evil zombies, international destroy zombies Union sent a man and a woman, two special police forest eliminating zombies, two special police sat...