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Super Champion Soccer

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Game Description: Play the Super Champion Soccer with your favorite team. Choose Argentina, England, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Sweden, Portugal or USA teams and start the Tournament. You h...

Crazy Champion Soccer

3.84K Played0 Comments

Game Description: Play the Crazy Champion Soccer with your favorite team. Choose Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine, Spain, Sweden, Japan, USA or Portugal teams and start the Tournament. You h...

Euro Soccer Sprint

1.27K Played0 Comments

Euro Soccer Sprint is a cool soccer-themed endless runner, in which you go for the cup with the football club of your choice. Your goal is to run as fast and far as possible along the green track collecting coins. Dod...

Sport Heads Football Championship 2015/16

1.41K Played0 Comments

Sport Heads Football Championship 2015/16 Here you are going to play as a real football player and try to do everything to become a champion! Use the arrow keys to move and space to shoot. So, everything is up to you...

Messi Can Play

1.37K Played0 Comments

Messi Can Play This is your chance to play with Messi! But his leg was broken and now you are going to help him and hit all the targets here. Be sure that it is not so easy. Just use arrows to move and other tips to ...

Goalkeeper Premier

1.43K Played0 Comments

Goalkeeper Premier : Goalkeeper Premier is a Sports game on GaHe.Com. You can play Goalkeeper Premier in your browser for free. The whole stadium's looking at you, goalie - and you're the last line of defence...

Soccer Star

1.45K Played0 Comments

soccer-star : Choose the game and show everyone that you are the best soccer player. Use all the tips and set the best record. Have fun

Bola Football

2.35K Played0 Comments

GAME DESCRIPTION: A great 3D sports game in which you play football. It's great elaboration. Choose your team for which you play and try to beat your opponent. Think on it a good tactic, which then apply to the whole...

Real Freekick 3D

1.79K Played0 Comments

Real Freekick 3D With Real Freekick you are going to experience the tension of a international football championship in 3D and completely free! No matter if you're playing on a mobile, a tablet or from your desktop n...

Speedplay World Soccer

1.92K Played0 Comments

Game Description: Speedplay World Soccer 3 is a Sports game on which you can you online for free. Can you guide your team to World Cup victory? Play full soccer action in this fast-paced addictive ga...

Speedplay Soccer 2

1.51K Played0 Comments

Game Description: SpeedPlay Soccer 2 is a Sports game on which you can you online for free. Pick one of the European Cup 2012 teams and compete to win the cup. Smoothly animated 3D graphics with real...

Penalty Of Destiny

1.09K Played0 Comments

Game Description: Penalty Of Destiny is a Sports game on which you can you online for free. Try to score as many goals as possible. Control: Use Mouse to play.

Football Champions 2015

1.17K Played0 Comments

Bring your skills to the pitch with the likes of Arjen Robben in Football Champions 2015. Drag your mouse around the gameplay screen to relocate your selected superstar. Position him just right to receive the pass c...

Euro 2012 Free Kick

933 Played0 Comments

Game Description:Euro 2012 Free Kick is a Sports game on which you can you online for free. This game is for everyone. Set direction, height, swerve and power to make the perfect shot. Beat your oppon...

Dkicker Italian Soccer

910 Played0 Comments

The 2012-2013 premier league football season already started and here you can play some frantic soccer penalty shoot out with your preferred italian kicker. In each match you have to score a certain number of goals to...

Football A New Challenge

1.12K Played0 Comments

Game Description: In this game you need to draw a shortest path for ball to make a successful goal. Click the player (Yellow dot) to pass the ball to him. The ball will travel to clicked player. The opponent player...

Super Soccer Star Level Pack

908 Played0 Comments

Description: Super Soccer Star is back for more awesome football action. Featuring 18 new and challenging levels. You will need to perform some cool trick shots to kick the ball through all the obstacles, such as con...

Physics Cup

1.25K Played0 Comments

Physics Cup Football funny game

Euro free kick 2012

1.80K Played0 Comments

Euro free kick 2012

Zombies Soccer

1.51K Played0 Comments

Ultimate Zombies Soccer game. Zombies can play football, its very simply aim with the mouse and click left mouse click to kick the football( here football means skull):(:-) complete the 28 challenging levels and see i...

South Africa 2010

1.62K Played0 Comments

Awesome South Africa 2010 football game. in this Choose your favorite team and start living the excitement of this great football game. Try to win the South Africa 2010 world cup.


1.39K Played0 Comments

Ultimate Soccernoid Kick the soccer ball back and 4TH in this retro Arknoid footballsports remake. Collect golden bonus coins toooo.

Rolling Football

1.36K Played0 Comments

In ultimate rolling soccer ball you combine the awesome sport of football with puzzle solving and decision_making. Place the different blocks in place in an attempt to direct the football into the goal. mouse Click on...

Physics Cup3

1.25K Played0 Comments

Physics Cup 3 Awesome physics based football game. use your knowledge to get the football into the goal across an increasing chllenging match of the levels. in this great cocktail of sport or science physics is a real...

Goal keeper

1.34K Played0 Comments

Goalkeeper - ultimate Football Game. The whole stadium's audience looking at you, goalie and you are the last line of the defense..

Free Kicker

1.29K Played0 Comments

Awesome Free Kicker - Football Game. In this game Use the mouse to move the player inside the half circle. Click the mouseclick to shot the football. Check the wind direction before the shoot. You get ten() footballs ...

free kick football

1.02K Played0 Comments

An ultimate soccer game free kick football game with online high scores table. strike, Aim, and score ten(10) goals in a row to be the best - free kick taker in the world.

4×4 Soccer

1.37K Played0 Comments

Love ultimate soccer game? Love awesome big monster trucks? Try to mix the two together! bestoutscore your opponent in this veryhigh octane soccer game and try to win the soccer cup!!

Striker Run

1.15K Played0 Comments

Striker run very funny soccer game In this game you're a soccer player who runs towards the opponent's goal. Defender's will try to stop u. u need to avoid them. When you get close to the goal you'll need to shoot.

Soccer World Cup 2010

1.23K Played0 Comments

Soccer world cup 2010 Awesome foot ball game. Select your favorite team and compete in Soccer World Cup 2014 tournament. A beautiful graphics and great gameplay with fouls, tackles, penalties, and extra times. You mus...

Smashing Soccer

1.14K Played0 Comments

smashing soccer ultimate football game, play through 25 awesome levels where you have to get the ball into the opposite goal, avoiding goal keeper and the opposing teams players.

Puzzle Soccer

1.05K Played0 Comments

Puzzle Soccer game In this fun sport game, you have to choose your favorite team and win the Cup of the World facing 15+ levels.

Penalty Shootout 2012

1.28K Played0 Comments

Penalty Shootout 2012 is a ultimate soccer game. Penalty time is pressure time can you kick your team to the soccer finals? This soccer game is verydeadlocked and that means its penalty shootout time. Use your mousecl...

Peace Queen Cup Korea

1.14K Played0 Comments

Peace Queen Cup Korea is the ultimate free football game ever! You will be Koreas representative in competing against different countries in the football finals. Set your angle, set your power and curve to bestscore s...

Mickey mouse football training game

1.15K Played0 Comments

Mickey mouse football training game is funny football game. Disneywill hold grand football match and the aword is a verybig golden cup.Mickey Mouse was so excited to get the golden cup and they started the training w...

Magical Kicks

1.36K Played0 Comments

Magical Kicks si the ultimate free kick game! Engaging free kick simulation. Set your angle, set your power and curve to bestscore some awsome free kicks!


1.30K Played0 Comments

FREE KICK DUEL Awesome football game. Dive in to an atmospheric realm of football in this ultimate 3d shootout football game. Challenge the team of your choice and entertain an audience by scoring awesome best goals. ...

Euro Shoot Out 2012

1.08K Played0 Comments

Euro Shootout 2012 the ultimate football game. Football some awesome goals and lead your team to Champions in the Euro 2012. Choose the height at which you want the ball to be hit, how hard to kickS it and if U want t...

Addicta kicks

1.28K Played0 Comments

Addicta Kicks is the awesome free kick game! Set your angle, set your power and curve to best score some ultimate free kicks!

World Cup 2014 Free Kick

1.19K Played0 Comments

World Cup 2014 Free Kick is a free soccer game at Try to score as many goals as you can. In each level, there is a different no. of goals you have to score before you can go on to the next level. Use ...

Speedplay Soccer 2

2.00K Played0 Comments

Another great football World Cup 2014. Use your mouse to play game and Enjoy!

Soccer World Cup 2014

1.34K Played0 Comments

Soccer World Cup 2014 - Best Football Games. Select your country and take part in the football World Cup 2014, the ultimate Soccer celebration in Brazil. You start in a group of 4 team's and yoy will have to make u r ...

Side Kick 2007

1.15K Played0 Comments

A classic Side Kick 2014 soccer game, pick you country and compete to win.

Penalty shot challange

1.08K Played0 Comments

penalty shot challange is best football game. Score at least three out of five to progress to the next levelround. Use your spacebar key to select the ball direction, power and swerves on your kick.

2014 football game

1.31K Played0 Comments

Number 1 is a unique best football goalkeeper RPG where u take a role of talented youngster players from a small club who wants to leave his mark on international football. If u r serious about your football carer i...

Harlemshake Football

947 Played0 Comments

Harlem Shake Football is best football game.


921 Played0 Comments

Move your football player with your mouse. When the ball is about level with his head or littlebit above, mouseleft click to do a bicyclekick and shoot. Aim by kicking when ball is to either side of u r player. Start ...

Bicycle Kick Champion

1.12K Played0 Comments

Move your football player with your mouse. When the ball is about level with his head or littlebit above, mouseleft click to do a bicyclekick and shoot. Aim by kicking when ball is to either side of u r player. Start ...

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