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Ben 10 Super Fight

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Ben10 Super Fight : Ben10 Super fight: This time ben10 got into the world of aliens zone, Fight through different waves of aliens, take down the bosses of each difficulty and use special power to kill the bosses, Upgr...

Balloons vs Zombies 4

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Use balloons, bats, grenades and knives ammo wisely in order to kill all zombies, but also to save the ones who are still alive. To earn a star you must shoot the star from the zombies head. Use your mouse to aim and ...

Epic Celeb Brawl Spiderman

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Epic Celeb Brawl Spiderman : Are you ready for an Epic Celebrity Brawl Fight the most popular celebrities, singers, actors and A list celebs. This is no ordinary boxing game, this is a true street style fighting brawl...

Batman vs Clock King

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Batman vs Clock King Wow! You have a great chance to play as a Batman! And here you are going to fight and win each battle. Use all the tips and survive. This superhero is waiting for you and you are the last hope fo...

Bounzy Halloween

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Kill zombies in all levels. They are not only Halloween  zombies but big animals  and monster  as well. In order to kill all them you need to destroy some objects as well.

Ninja Rinse

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Ninja Rinse: Free u r love from the hands of  Yakuza   typical Ninja-style ! Left/Right arrow = Move Up arrow = Jump against walls to run up them. S = Attack Down arrow = Duck [hide in bushes]

Ninja Plus

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For a ninja, a wall is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity… Mouse = Aim & Shoot A/D = Left/Right W = Jump Space = Throw Dagger Collect all coins to complete a level. Click to throw the grappling hook and...

Ninja Miner

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Ninja Miner Use u r supernaturally quick ninjas skills to hunt down precious gems.